“wallet picture song” by Faith Zapata

San Francisco’s Faith Zapata’s new single, “wallet picture song,” pulls at the heartstrings in all the right ways. The track consists of a simple yet compelling melody and heart-wrenching lyrics showcasing the perspective of both the beginning and end of a relationship, all encompassed by Zapata’s truly angelic vocals. A song that reminds me what music is all about: connecting the listener and the artist by showing that no one is alone in the pain.

Zapata’s vulnerability in “wallet picture song” is a massive part of what makes her music so unique. Heartbreak and grief are universal feelings everyone experiences in their lifetime, and “wallet picture song” is a look into those agonizing emotions we’ve all been through. 

“wallet picture song” was written and performed by Faith Zapata, produced by Regina Pimentel, mixed by Kevin Hackett, mastered by Noah Farhood, and features Emma Bieniewicz on viola/violin & Pablo Schinke on cello. Faith has a loyal fan base for her enchanting vocals and ability to share her deepest thoughts and fears with her listeners. Known for her songwriting abilities, “wallet picture song” garnered significant attention on TikTok for these same reasons.

“wallet picture song” is the ultimate song for today’s gloomy rainy day.  The track is available on most major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano







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