“Someone” by BROMSEN

Berlin-based Indietronic rock group “BROMSEN” is back at it again with their newest and delightfully positive single “Someone.” In an age where pessimism and anxiety are so universally prolific, this song stands as a pillar of hope that cuts through feelings of self-doubt like a knife through butter.

The song has a jovial and cheerfully upbeat throwback feel to it reminiscent of the golden age of 80s pop. Drumsticks knocking against each other count the band in as the song opens with an uplifting and danceable synth piano-anchored beat. Musically, it brings the listener’s mood up in a similar way one would expect when listening to a recording from “A-Ha” or “Duran Duran.”

Midway through, the tone shifts and there is an angelic and slow-paced guitar solo that speeds up and transforms into a few moments of faster shredding before the song returns to a synth-piano-centered beat with a percussion-heavy backing tone.

The piece’s message is refreshingly optimistic. The artist sings throughout the song that they feel their potential is limitless and they have so many brighter days ahead of them. The lyrics “Someone, I could be someone.” repeat several times, instilling a sense of positivity as a mantra we could all stand to tell ourselves more often.

With this earworm fresh in all of our minds, fans won’t have to wait too long to continue following this project on their journey as they plan on riding this momentum to the release of their upcoming album “Brothers in Mind” scheduled to drop on February 16th.

Written by Nick Gumas





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