“Janus” by Jon Torello

Genre-agnostic singer/songwriter Jon Torello is quickly making a believer out of all who once believed thoughtful and inspired music was no more. After spending years working in the tech sector, he is finally making the leap to bring his musical passions into the limelight. Having just released his first professionally recorded music just a few short months ago, he is wasting no time finding his own voice with today marking the release of his newest single “Janus.” 

The song starts off with a slow and ominous organ that builds to a breaking point over the first 30 seconds, followed by passionately strummed cords on a resonant steel string guitar. The chord progression takes a listener on a journey and creates a comfortable atmosphere for the artist’s voice to shine.

Torello’s vocal quality is inarguably transcendent. Steeped in a husky yet friendly familiarity, his tone is reminiscent of John Mayer with positive and uplifting inflections similar to Lewis Capaldi or Dermot Kennedy.

Throughout the piece, Torello tells a story of maturity leading to conflicting beliefs and giving up views we once held. From the first lyrics “I was on your side when I was young and I believed, there was a great divide and I had to pick sides to be free.” he holds his youthful ideals in moderate reverence but acknowledges his need for growth.

He makes a powerful case that changing one’s view of the world is not easy, but with the lyrics “It’s always been this way, but we don’t have to play, it’s over when we say” he cements his claim that while personal development may be a terrifying undertaking, it is the only way to make this world a better place.

Written by Nick Gumas





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