“Caught The Bug” by Mike and Mandy

Showcasing their dramatic and strong storytelling, indie pop duo Mike and Mandy have released their second single “Caught The Bug.” Mike and Mandy are a married songwriter/producer pair and are based in Los Angeles.

“Caught The Bug,” lyrics written solely by Mandy, can be dissected on many levels. On the surface, she sings for falling for a guy that she probably should not be falling for – but he knows exactly what to say. On a deeper level, it showcases a woman who feels trapped in a relationship with someone who is narcissistic and that knows the power they hold.

When asked what made the duo decide to go with this song as their next single, Mike shared, “I think the song’s lyrics speak for themselves, but the story the main character goes through. Her moral struggle, combined with the way the melody evolves, inspired so many possibilities in terms of production.”

Overall, the sound is unique and alternative. Mike, the producer and arranger, gives the song an R&B/jazzy feel on top of the pop sound. The duo’s ability to experiment with genres makes them so fun to listen to. “Let it Whip,” by The Dazz Band, has a similar feel to this track, giving the modern single a slight 80s feel. It has a sense of urgency and mystery on it, with Mandy repeating, “you’re either with me or you’re not right now.” The production comfortably fits around Mandy’s voice, giving both the instruments and vocals a chance to shine throughout.

So, if you have not yet, be sure to go listen to Mike and Mandy’s new track “Caught The Bug,” out now!

Written by Katie Power





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