“I Wish I Could Fly” By La Need Machine

Delivering a clever spin on the importance of climate change, La Need Machine has released their new single “I Wish Could Fly.” The Seattle based band has a knack for combining and blending sounds like alt-rock, country, singer-songwriter, and more. All this experimenting makes them both fun and interesting to listen.

“I Wish I Could Fly” stars a black bear that is forced to leave his home due to wildfires. He dreams about flying away with the birds not only to escape, but to help the other animals. The story personifies the bear in a way where he feels helpless to the change and wants people to hear him. The band sings about all the things the bear would try to be heard, “If I could speak would you listen to me / If I could paint would you finally see / If I pause time would you stop to look / What if I wrote it in a book?”

The harmonies blend beautifully, added a lovely dimension to the sound. The anthemic song has fiddles like country, guitars like rock, and melodies like singer-songwriter. It shows La Need Machine is able to take elements of all their influences and create a sound that is all their own.

What is also incredible about this group is a portion of their royalty earnings go to charities or nonprofits. This shows they are aware of the issues and doing their part to help – incredible!

So, if you are looking for more music that is socially aware and doing good for the earth, La Need Machine is for you!

Written by Katie Power





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