“whats it going to take” by The project

Shaking up the cali-rock scene, James Davis, who was previously the lead guitarist in the award-winning band Shameless, has started his own band: The project. The project has put out their third single “whats it going to take.” The single features up and coming songstress Mykele Hill. Hill, now 23, started writing songs at the age of 17 as an emotional outlet.

When talking about the collaboration project, Hill shared, “It was a great experience for me because The project is a little heavier than anything I had sang on before but the blend of the two styles really worked well together.”

The song has a clear 90s rock influence, with layering of acoustic and electric guitars, as well as dominate drums. The lyrics tell a story about a love falling apart and wishing there was something to keep them together. The two vocals really blend beautifully together and add another layer of dimension to the already impactful piece.

Be sure to continue to check out new releases from The project as he continues to feature more exciting artists!

Written by Katie Power




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