“Live & Learn” By SoundGood

A song with a global message and has been touched by artists all over the globe, SoundGood has released their single “Live & Learn.” SoundGood was put together by Finnish artist Leo Alcenius. The song was written solely by Alcenius but had help from other musicians in Nashville, South Africa, and South America.

“Live & Learn” is an anthemic track filled with hope and power. The drums build alongside the project, having a Nashville influence through the slide guitars and fiddles, while overall capturing an alternate country feeling. Lyrically, it feels like a diary entry from the heart. It shows this desperation for closure that they may never get. The song features vocalist Sarah Harralson, and she has a soft yet strong voice and does a wonderful job at making the lyrics feel all her own. “To cure your concern,” is a standout lyric from the song and shows such new and thoughtful writing.

When talking about his inspiration to write this song, Alcenius echoes that feeling of hope sharing, “This song is really personal for me because it was written when I was going through the thick of it. It gave me hope and I hope that people who listen to it find something comforting in it too.”

Sometimes the strongest thing a person can do is learn and move on. So, check out this amazing international collaboration “Live & Learn” out now!

Written by Katie Power





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