“Half A Heart” by Brooke Moriber

Following a nontraditional path to country music, Reviver Records artist Brooke Moriber has released her new single “Half A Heart,” available everywhere now. The Nashville Native was a young Broadway performer who found songwriting healing in times of struggle.

“Half A Heart” is an unapologetic anthem for those who love a lot. Morbier is not sorry for the over the top way she shows her love. Despite doing almost anything her partner asks, she refuses to downplay her feelings. Before knowing Morbier’s theatrical background, this song still felt like it had a broadway influence. Her vocals are reminiscent of vocal powerhouses like Hamilton’s Phillipa Soo or The Greatest Showman’s Loren Allred. 

The production allows the melodies to shine, with a sultry guitar and distant violins, it plays on a more modern country sound. Moriber is able to let her Nashville and New York influences shine throughout this single.

Written by Katie Power





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