“Cheriè” by Nayo Dez

Springfrield’s Nayo Dez’s new song, “Cheriè,” is a beautiful R&B-based ballad with a sultry instrumental and features Dez’s powerhouse vocals. The vibey instrumental is stripped back to put Dez’s vocals front and center. The romantic instrumental consists of a passionate melody, bass, and whisper-like background vocals. Fans of old-school R&B will love the nostalgia that “Cheriè” brings. 

“Cheriè” is a romantic song featuring Dez’s emotional vocals, seemingly begging for this person’s love. Lyrics such as, “Don’t take your love from me, make me never want to leave, I love you more Cheriè” highlight that overpowering feeling of love. We’ve all yearned for love, and have experienced the almost overwhelming emotions that come along with it. “Cheriè”’s evocative atmosphere perfectly encapsulates this feeling. 

Nayo Dez is no stranger to the music industry. She’s auditioned for numerous singing competition shows such as American Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got Talent. Along with this, she goes to every possible karaoke, open mic shows, etc. Putting herself out there to be on all of these types of shows and competitions highlights Dez’s dedication to making her way as a musician. This determination and her innate talent will make Nayo Dez a big name in 2024.

Take a listen to “Cheriè,” available on most major music streaming platforms. Keep a lookout for future releases from Nayo Dez, as she is only at the beginning.

Written by Melissa Cusano






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