“Too Hard A Force To Resist” by B Victorious

A jack of all trades, B Victorious has put out his debut rock album, Too Hard A Force To Resist. The whole project will be out March 1st, 2024. The singer is no stranger to the music industry, releasing eight hip hop tracks under the artist name King B.A.V. before shifting his sound to rock. A true labor of love, B Victorious was the sole contributor on the record: the songwriter, the musician, the producer. Projects like this are hard to come by; it is a true uninterrupted look at an artist’s vision.

The tracks are littered with heavy, dirty guitar licks, giving the songs a hard rock texture with some bite. “Only 4 U” has a chanting element to it – the rhythmic rolling over the louder instrumentals playing along with the vocals. B Victorious sings about how he is doing “only for you, only for love.”

The record’s lead single “I Do What I Do,” carries a more hip-hop influence in the drums with an overall darker feeling to it. The edge is different from some of the other tracks, with a clearer emotion of anger coming through on the distorted vocals and guitars. The range is empowering, showing that the singer is trapped in a repetitive cycle, they are aware that their behavior is no good, but it is just who they are. The chorus mirrors that same cycle, echoing the hopeless loop they are caught in.

The record closes out with the track “History of My Life.” Focusing more on the lyrics, it is a more thoughtful piece talking about seeing the good in history but also recognizing the bad parts of it. It shows that “double edged sword” feeling, being aware of the pros and cons of everything.

Overall, B Victorious steps into the rock world with ease and continues to use the storytelling and influences of his hip hop career to create a unique sound within the genre. Too Hard A Force To Resist will be available for download on all streaming services and on CD. An autographed CD version will also be available for purchase online. It is most impressive that he is able to build a world like this alone, making the future of his rock sound exciting to see.

Written by Katie Power





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