“Angelic” by Love Ghost

Pouring his heart out about an unrequited love, Mexico-based artist Love Ghost has released his new single “Angelic.” Love Ghost has already worked with renowned Latin artists like Wiplash and Dan Garcia, as well as Latin Grammy nominee Producer BrunOG. While promoting the track, teh alt rocker has already done several shows in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterey.

“Angelic” is an acoustic rock track that allows Love Ghost’s raw emotions to shine in his vocals. The song paints the picture of the singer longing for the love that he used to have, the hook of the song singing “complicated love is so angelic / and I don’t know quite where I’m headed.” The conversational rock track feels reminiscent of alt singer/songwriters like The Fray or more modern acts like Machine Gun Kelly.

Alongside the single Love Ghost has released a music video. The video beautifully mirrors the feeling of the song. Love Ghost is sitting alone in an empty room, singing about how lost he feels. The black and white coloring adds an extra layer of somberness.

So go support Love Ghost by checking out his single and music video for “Angelic” out now!

Written by Katie Power





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