“Reeling” by MattO

Hailing from the quaint shores of Switzerland, singer-songwriter MattO has spent the better part of his life with a guitar in his hand. A self-proclaimed renaissance man, he strives to impact those around him with every song he writes and hopes to shine a light on society, inspiring change among all who hear his tunes. Recently, he has taken his talents to the studio to record material written over the past two decades. Highlighting his newest showcase, his song “Reeling” entertains as well as prompts thought with every note. 

The piece begins with gentle yet resonant strumming on an acoustic guitar, shortly followed by a simple drum beat. The artist soon follows with the introduction of humbling vocals to drive the narrative as he sings “Some folks have money they can spend, others have nothing but still pretend,” making a poignant statement on how much many struggle to present themselves in a position they would rather be in.

His tone is reminiscent of a past generation with heavy folk and country tones. With a stoic composure about him, the music has an unmistakable resemblance to the earlier musical pioneers who blended music with poetry in this fashion such as George Strait. 

He pines for a day when we felt more unified as a society with the line “Values we once shared no longer count.” And all the while pleading for unity over division with the binding chorus “Times are dire, there is fire. We reel but keep stumbling on. We feel the happy days are gone.”

Written by Nick Gumas





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