“Everlasting Love” by J. Mystery

Originally from Portugal, European musical outfit “J.Mystery” creates music that reflects their deepest passions. With poetic lyrics and themes, their newest single “Everlasting Love” continues this tradition in spectacular fashion. Through this song, the artist depicts emotions felt in the early stages of a relationship, reciting as best they can their feelings of wanting to learn everything there is to know about another person and at times being unable to keep one’s feelings of boundless love bottled up inside. 

A few solemn cords played on a resonant piano introduce the piece as the artist’s vocals enter a few seconds later, his baritone voice heavy with the emotional weight of the message they need to get off their chest.

From the first lines “They say our love is different. Our love is real, but I need to know if that’s how you feel” the artist takes the listener along with them on their journey as they have those early conversations with our significant other that we fondly look back on and romanticize as the years go on.

He conveys an unmistakable sentimentality in his lyrics, stating “Everlasting love. That’s the kind of love I want from you” as he paints a picture of the life he one day hopes to have with this other person.

Throughout the entire song, he finds a way to define the sort of amorous passion many of us spend our lives looking for. With a tender sensibility to his music, he puts his heart’s desires out in the open and leaves us all eager to hear the resolution.

Written by Nick Gumas





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