Proving their ambition to establish themselves amongst the London Pop community, emerging artist Andria has been devoted to pushing their own boundaries in the studio as they retain an open-minded approach to entertaining through their music by any means necessary. With the release of his sophomore single “Coco,” the artist blends elements of Pop, Jazz, and Electro Swing to name only a few genres, to create what amounts to nothing less than a self-contained musical ecosystem. 

Beginning with an ospicicious and worldly introduction, the song starts with the crash of a snare and a scale from a horn resembling a Turkish Ney The piece continues to build upon itself as it runs the gambit of instruments at the artist’s disposal, not letting the piece feel stale at any point with a different layer unfolding after every segment.

The vocals play energetically and spontaneously with a clear danceability about them. While mostly sung in a high tenor register, a single deep baritone voice breaks the tone halfway through emanating “Don’t you fall for the enemy” highlighting the phantasmagoria of the artist’s intention.

The structure of the song shares an unmistakable resemblance to Caravan Palace, enigmatic when taken in as a whole with a rousing musical flow and spontaneity around every corner.

Taken as a taste of Andria’s ambition and direction, it is optimistic at a minimum. If this is the starting point, we can only sit on the edge of our seats in anticipation of what the artist can do in the many years and releases to come.

Written by Nick Gumas





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