“Digital Void” by Tarita

After an 18-year hiatus, scientist and songwriter Tarita has released her single “Digital Void.” Tarita started out covering bands across the UK and Poland but was seeking to share her own stories with the world.

“Digital Void” covers a modern dating issue: “ghosting.” The song itself talks about how easy it is to be both ghosted and to ghost. “A deafening silence / emotions distraught … / I’m now a void,” she sings, sharing the emptiness that follows being left without any closure. The alt rock sound fuses Tarita’s influences like Radiohead and The Beatles.

The production, by Archit Tak, is crisp yet airy, making the listener feel like they are floating through the track. The electric guitar is placed beautifully throughout the song, adding a bit of grunge to the softness of Tarita’s voice.

Overall, the song balances a magnitude of emotions like loneliness, rage, sadness, and so much more the more you dissect it. It is a must listen for anyone looking for some new female rock artists.

Written by Katie Power




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