“Animal” by Backstrom

Focusing on the heart of songwriting, Backstrom has released the lead single “Animal” off of his album Carousel. An independent artist based in Sweden, Backstrom is a one-man band but would not label himself as such. For his music, he collaborates with a variety of musicians, often found through fiverr.com, who add their own personal touches to his tracks. Backstrom overall goal for this project is to highlight the recording and the songwriting, not necessarily the live aspect.

The production has an ominous feeling to it, with Kimberly Faith on harmony and backup vocals, she helps build the tension surrounding this idea of animalistic tendencies. Lyrically, “Animal” does an excellent job writing about this topic without over writing it. There is a real story to it. The lyrics, “Smile to hide away your fangs / Speak to keep your secrets” captures an effortless imagery that can be found throughout the track.

Backstrom himself describes the single as “unique,” and it really is. He is able to combine elements of folk, rock, singer-songwriter, with a twist of some orchestral instruments to form what feels like his own genre. He cites influences like The Rolling Stones and Lenard Cohen and this is a perfect example to show the depth of Backstrom’s sound.

Overall, it is creative and a very well thought out concept. Backstrom is the sole songwriter but gives full credit to all the musicians who helped make this song what it is – which is very admirable. If you are looking for a sound that you have never heard before, go check out “Animal,” and the full album Carousel, both out now!

Written by Katie Power




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