“Perfect Dream” by Trash Pals

Indie rock duo Trash Pals is back with a warm-and-fuzzy track “Perfect Dream,” ideal for those long drives on the coast and kickbacks with friends. The title of the song is exactly what listening to it feels like: a calming, relaxing fantasy. Reminiscent of indie musicians like Alex G and Wilco, Trash Pals showcases their unique spin on the genre. 

Trash Pals was formed by old-time friends Conor Rayne and Gabe Schnider. The two’s initial meeting is too perfect not to share, as they met at jazz camp at thirteen years old. The young boys bonded over being homesick, and they’ve been friends and making music together ever since.

The duo’s new single, “Perfect Dream,” is a bittersweet song about memory and how closely related they are to dreams. These “…cherished moments are to be held closely but gently; like dreams, they can crack apart and vanish if held too tightly.” This juxtaposition of melancholic lyrics alongside an upbeat, cozy melody is flawlessly executed and is a testament to the duo’s distinct sound.

Besides creating music together, Conor and Gabe have had many musical accomplishments separately. Conor’s worked with big names such as Brasstracks, Chance the Rapper, and Mark Ronson, while Gabe is a Juilliard graduate who has played at festivals around the world with artists such as Jon Batiste and Wynton Marsalis. The two are amazing separately, but together create a sound that cannot be replicated. 

Written by Melissa Cusano







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