Fresh February Music Finds

2024 happens to be a leap year. Which is fortunate because you will have an extra day in February to enjoy this latest collection of songs:

Alejandra O’Leary – December

Throwing it back to this circa 2009 song by singer-songwriter Alejandra O’Leary, “December” is an earthy brand of indie folk ballad. Aside from being led by simple acoustics, O’Leary’s vocals are willowy.

Emma Nichole – Be Nice

“Be Nice,” by singer-songwriter Emma Nichole, transitions from furious strummin’ acoustics and a emphatic drum beat to a warm and serene soundscape. Your ears aren’t playing tricks on you or nor did you leave the window open, but there are the faintest bird songs in the background as well.

Kiey – white boy i sat next to on the plane

“white boy I sat next to on the plane,” by Kiey, is a subtly symphonic indie pop ballad. Twinkling keys, rippling notes and under the radar, but sharp strings are among this track’s highlights.

BMX Escape – The Mercenary Driver

“The Mercenary Driver,” by BMX Escape is a synth-rock hybrid of sorts. At first, it hits you with a cool, electric synth and, later, introduces an appearance by a searing guitar riffing away.

Jody Lynn – Just Curious

“Just Curious,” by Jody Lynn, features an ever present, head bob-inducing bass line. Eventually, a layer of hyper synth cascades over the soundscape along with a sprinkling of jagged guitar riffs.

Stage Of Theed – The Truth In Any Way (Martin Whisper Remix)

“The Truth In Any Way (Martin Whisper Remix)” by Stage Of Theed contains a persistent, pulsating bass beat. From time to time, there’s a siren-ish guitar echoing in the background.

Melaku – Bad Thoughts

“Bad Thoughts” by Melaku is a serene synth-pop ballad. Altogether, this song is a meditation on being trapped by intrusive “bad thoughts.”

Penelope Simone – Sixteen Again

“Sixteen Again,” by singer-songwriter Penelope Simone, is a rainy day, indie folk ballad. Altogether, it transitions from cascading acoustics to a deeper, symphonic soundscape by track’s end.

Four Forty Four – Out Of Time

“Out Of Time” by Four Forty Four is a soaring, anthemic brand of pop-punk. Wait for the fiery breakdown of blitzing guitar and drums just before the three minute mark.

Andreas Grannes – Royal Space Dog

“Royal Space Dog” by Andreas Grannes features a nearly subliminal melodic element within it. Every so often, there’s a faint accent of cymbals to subtly punctuate the air around the rest of instrumentation.

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