“No Harbor” by Che Arthur

Singer-songwriter Che Arthur’s new track “No Harbor” is a gritty, captivating song that tackles taboo topics such as aging and those uneasy feelings that come along with it. The track is the first single off of Arthur’s fourth solo album, “For That Which Now Lies Fallow,” his first since 2010’s “Like Revenge.”

Arthur is returning to his roots with “No Harbor,” to the singer-songwriting abilities he’s strayed away from in recent releases. Arthur has been making electronic music in the past decade under the projects Professor Downfall and Ha Subliminal. “No Harbor” and his forthcoming album highlight his return to the freeing yet melancholy sound he has possessed in past projects, such as Pink Avalanche and his early 2000s Chicago quartet Atombombpocketknife.

“No Harbor” begins with a hard-hitting instrumental consisting of blunt drums and jangly guitars. Arthur’s vocals are dark and raspy. The song is a hot-pot of genres, showcasing a mix of punk rock and singer-songwriter, among other influences. While the song has elements of differing genres, “No Harbor” has a unique sound that only Arthur can radiate. 

“No Harbor” and his upcoming album are Arthur’s way of discussing internal battles, but has also blossomed into a beautiful work of art. Not only will his album tackle topics such as his own cancer treatment but aging in general and feelings of isolation and heartbreak.

Along with making music himself, Arthur is a touring sound engineer who has toured with numerous well-known artists such as Silversun Pickups, Minus The Bear, and Manchester Orchestra. After recording drums at Altered States Studio, Arthur engineered the rest of “For That Which Now Lies Fallow” himself at home and mixed it there.

Listen to “No Harbor” and be on the lookout for “For That Which Now Lies Fallow,” which is set to be released in late April 2024. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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