“Colorful Monet” by Mary Lena

Austrian pop/singer-songwriter Mary Lena’s new single, “Colorful Monet,” is a burst of color. The EDM track consists of an explosive instrumental and Lena’s impressive vocals, making for a unique song in the electronic pop world. Mary Lena’s music is so much more than just a compelling beat; her vulnerability shines through with her storytelling and powerful melodies.

Lena’s name was first thrown into the mainstream with her debut single “Make me Hide,” which came out in 2023. The track did well on iTunes and was heard on the radio, and Lena even gave a live radio performance of the single. After her energetic and compelling instruction as an artist with “Make me Hide,” Lena shows no signs of slowing down. Her new single, “Colorful Monet,” has Lena’s distinct mesmerizing vocals and an infectious beat that is impossible to turn away from.

The track itself is a power anthem. Lena is begging her listeners to “…embrace the extraordinary within themselves and realize the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.” “Colorful Monet” highlights that everyone is the main character and narrator of their story, and we are all capable of greatness. 

Mary Lena and her music showcase that music can be fun and vital to listen to at the same time. Take a listen to “Colorful Monet,” which is available on most major music streaming platforms now.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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