“The Moon Is Painted” by Giack Bazz

London-based Indie Rock artist Giack Bazz has been defining his brand of music for close to a decade but proves he still has more to give with every recording. As he prepares for the debut of his fifth studio album “Just a Little Bit More Famous,” he hopes to build on a career of momentum with today’s release of his experimental and psychedelic single “The Moon Is Painted,” his first new music of the year.

The piece begins with several seconds of silence as the sound of a furiously-tempoed violin increases in volume to set the tone. A guitar joins in to contribute a series of scales before the percussion appears to give the beat wings. As the instrumentals settle into a rhythm, the vocals begin to set the narrative with the lyrics “It’s an endless elevator” as he propels the song into the stratosphere.

Many elements of the single share several traits with what one would expect when listening to a classic Pink Floyd record, characterized by synth electronic instrumentals and a smooth and comforting baritone vocal contribution, while others feature a more contemporary rhythm carried by heavy bass and drums punctuating the emotional highlights. As a whole, the piece proficiently walks the line between retro and modern in its delivery.

While the artist’s musicality speaks for itself, his lyrics remind us to keep an ear out for their album on the horizon as the lyrics “tell your friends to watch my special expose” feel like an instruction we could all stand to happily follow.

Written by Nick Gumas





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