Alternative Rock artist Paulcito’s LP, “MVP,” highlights that he should not be put into a box. With multiple different genres intersecting, including rock, pop, and electronic music, Paulcito, with the essential assistance of innovative musician/collaborator/producer Carl Dennis, showcases his innate talent to create his distinct sound. Fans of experimental music with a touch of 70s/80s rock-pop won’t get enough of Paulcito and his music.

“MVP” is composed of nine electric, catchy tunes. Each song has elements that make it unique, yet all make it known that they are an obvious Paulcito track. A favorite, “Natural Thrill,” is reminiscent of old-time musicians such as David Bowie or Joy Division. Other standouts include “Love Complete” and “Oh So Luckie,” which are guitar-driven rock ballads. The quirky “Biden Popped the Chinese Spy Balloon” is a bluesy track with clever lyrics. Each song can be a standalone single, no problem, but the beauty of Paulcito and his music is how his songs cohesively flow flawlessly from start to finish. 

Paulcito’s vocals are unlike anything being done today. His voice sounds like he simultaneously belongs in a horror film and a Broadway musical. The music is upbeat yet foreboding at times, making his music a confusing yet fun, fantastic ride. There’s nothing wrong with being different; Paulcito proves this with his sound guaranteed to catch ears. 

The final song on the EP, “Up the Wazoo,” has much more hard rock elements, reminiscent of bands such as The Rolling Stones or Deep Purple. The song is a perfect ending to the EP, with its ultra-addicting guitar solo and Paulcito’s thrilling vocals. The music is upbeat, and listeners of any age will nod their heads to it.

Paulcito is an experimental project that will garner fans due to his unique sound. “MVP” is available on most major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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