“I Left My Heart Out West” by M. Dunton

Nashville-based up-and-coming indie-folk artist M. Dunton has taken a big step forward in assuring his unique sound extends far beyond the Broadway strip, as today marks the official release of his self-titled Freshman album. In a collection of what amounts to nothing less than poetry set to the sounds of his soul, he expresses his soul with every track. Among the eight songs on the album, his single “I Left My Heart Out West” stands out in the batch as a defining ballad when looking at the artist’s creative direction. 

The piece begins with some gentle guitar strumming that quickly develops into a comforting tune that immediately transports the listener to a safe and homely corner of their mind. Anchored in a heavy country sensibility, there is an unmistakable character of nuance incorporated into the chord progression. Dunton’s vocals appear soon after and greatly magnify these feelings of solace. His words paint a narrative of rural beauty from the first breath, opening the song with the lyrics “Come alive to a hazy mountain morning. Empty glass of wine beside the chair.”

Within the three-and-a-half minutes of music, he gives the listener introspection on his ambitions to follow his happiness. Making it clear where his love lies, he sings “Turning leaves and elegies, I’m never where I want to be” and overtly romanticizes the lifestyle he works so hard to pursue. As clearly as Dunton is an artist, “I Left My Heart Out West” is a manifestation of his methods. As the song fades out with the instrumentals, we cannot help but hang on to see where these dreams will take this project.

Written by Nick Gumas





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