“Judge You” by Karen Harding

Melbourne, Australia-based singer-songwriter Karen Harding’s new single, “Judge You,” is a tearjerker. Consisting of Harding’s emotive, cry-like vocals and a simple yet captivating melody, “Judge You” is a powerful ballad touching on taboo topics such as negative self-talk and how it affects us.

“Judge You” is set to be Harding’s second single off of her upcoming album, “Behind The Mask,” following her previous release “Imaginary Boyfriend.” “Judge You” is a reflective piece that came to fruition after several therapy sessions. The song itself is about the judgment we put on ourselves. Many times, we as individuals talk down on ourselves as a defense mechanism. This way, nothing else anyone can say can be meaner than what we’ve already told ourselves. This is obviously an unhealthy coping mechanism, but many, and most, people have participated in this. 

On a musical level, the melodic piano keys and Harding’s angelic vocals in “Judge You” give listeners an overpowering emotion. While the track’s first half is a bit slow and quieter, about a minute and a half in, a beautiful instrumental solo comes to consummation. The once-quiet piano keys get louder, and a cinematic tune takes the front seat.

Karen Harding entered Melbourne, Australia’s music scene when she released her 2021 debut single, “I Didn’t Realise,” and she hasn’t stopped since. All of her songs are therapeutic and special to herself and those listening. 

“Judge You” was produced by Daniel Nieberg. The single will be available across major streaming platforms today, March 8th, 2024. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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