“Waves” by von Krogh

Hailing from Norweigh, up-and-coming Alternative Rock act “von Krogh” has burst onto the scene with their unique brand of mesmerizing and engaging music that falls somewhere in between a soundtrack and poetry. Fronted by vocalist Elias von Krogh, the project has declared their ambitions to make a splash with their Freshman album “Waves.”  The titular single to this collection offers deep insight into the project’s musical philosophy through its inescapable definition and the feelings it strives to cultivate.

The piece begins with a series of heavily modulated sounds accompanied by a softly playing electric guitar. Von Krogh’s vocals come in after the tone is set as he introduces the narrative with the lyrics “All of the nights you keep spending yourself, I speak the language of the sea. How can I translate for you without knowing the sounds?” With his music, he tells the story of communicating through love and intention at times when words just aren’t enough.

Sharing a similar vocal range, tambor, and warmth as Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds, von Krogh’s music cultivates an empathetic sense of familiarity in their relationship with listeners. Their passion undeniably shows through their notes and one can’t help but feel a connection to their music in a deeply personal way.

With Waves, von Krogh has set themselves up to define their project with equal parts sentimentality and rationality. While their lyrics tackle rationalizing the ambiguity of their feelings, they find a way to make it feel as if that is the only logical way to see the world through their lens.

Written by Nick Gumas




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