“Nervous” by Jenna Roessler

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jenna Roessler’s latest track, “Nervous,” delves into love, nerves, and heartbreak. The catchy tune showcases Roessler’s talent for clever lyrics, as well as her powerful vocals, and fun-loving instrumental. The track was written in collaboration with Jake Arther and produced by Smith Curry (who has worked with hundreds of Country artists such as Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, and Randy Travis). As an upcoming artist, Roessler’s unique sound is already cemented within “Nervous.”

“Nervous” begins with a mesmerizing instrumental consisting of melancholic keys and soft guitar strumming. Roessler’s angelic vocals arrive as an ideal accompaniment to the enthralling instrumental. About a minute in, the chorus takes over, completely changing the song’s trajectory. While the first 45 seconds of “Nervous” is peaceful and slower, the track suddenly turns into an upbeat, rock-like song, highlighting Roessler’s versatile talent. Not only this, but the sudden events highlight the emotional rollercoaster of love and relationships as well.

“Nervous,” on a deeper level, is also a way for Roessler to communicate this universal experience of navigating modern love with her audience. Her profound lyrics can be a massive help to those listening and going through similar experiences. Love and loss are worldwide emotions; in the same way that music can heal people from all walks of life.

“Nervous” has been available on all major streaming platforms since Friday, February 16th, 2024. Take a listen now!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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