“Lead Me To The Cross” (Cover) by Thurane

With everyone’s viewpoint on what Christian music should entail and how it should be constructed, it’s sometimes intimidating to compose one that caters to a collective demographic. But the most important aspect of Christian music is to give all glory, honor and praise to God, and musician Thurane did just that in his latest cover of “Lead Me To the Cross.”

“Lead Me to the Cross” is a beautiful song performed initially by Brooke Fraser and Hillsong UNITED. The lyrics speak about giving everything to God and seeing that he is sovereign over everything in our lives, precisely when the Bible is a perfect reminder of his love, grace, mercy, and promises.

Thurane, a co-founding member of the Christian band New Jerusalem, maintains the song’s spirituality but amps it up by marrying it with metal elements. Think of it as if Hillsong and Metallica had a baby.

Thurane commences with a bit of acoustic guitar and a sweet guitar riff before diving into the heavy side of the track, which contains the potent bite of the electric guitars in the verses and the remarkable double bass drumming.

I’m typically avoidant with covers, especially when they’re done in a similar manner as the original because they seem unnecessary. But Thurane’s version of “Lead Me To the Cross” has a different personality. It offers the listener the same song but with different flavors.

“Lead Me To the Cross” follows Thurane’s Jan. 3 release, “Redeemer,” which garnered over 10,000 streams. “Worthy,” which he released in 2019, obtained nearly 90,000 streams. “Over and Under” is a personal favorite that I encourage many to check out.

Check out Thurane and his latest, Lead Me To the Cross.”

Written by Taylor Berry

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