“Untouchable” by Mel Senese

Releasing her anthemic single after a two-year hiatus, pop/rock artist Mel Senese has dropped “Untouchable.” Senese has already seen a number of successes from opening to National acts such as Dorothy and the Veronica’s as well as earned the title of Chicago Big Break Champion in 2017. The Chicago artist loves performing and gained a large portion of her fans from online streaming back in 2020, sharing it was something that kept her sane.

The song itself captures letting go and focusing on things in your control, while normalizing that it is okay to feel down and sad. “See you walk through the fire / and I know that burn. / see you looking for answers / Trying so hard to feel / You’re untouchable,” she sings. With songs like this, it is great that Senese is able to see the person for where they are at while also encouraging them to continue.

Senese has really cool blend of sounds, her vocals have a strong emotive range, similar to pop/rock singers like Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench. The track leans a little more pop and has a beachy breakdown with a spoken portion. It was unexpected but not unwelcomed – it showcases how daring and experimental she can be as an artist.

Overall, Senese has a clear sound and vision, with plans to drop far more singles this year, with “Be My Lover” as her most recent. So if you are looking for your new pop/rock princess with a ton of music on the horizon, be sure to go listen to Mel Senese!

Written by Katie Power





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