“All It Was” by Fellow

New York based Artist Fellow has released his heartbroken ballad featuring singer Giorgi. Fellow is a producer and songwriter who has been influenced by a variety of artists including JP Saxe and James Arthur. As a producer and writer, he has collaborated with indie artists Megan Windsor and Elizabeth Winterbourne. With all of his credits, he has amassed thousands of streams across artists on Spotify alone.

The song was produced in Fellow’s home studio in Brooklyn, New York. This is fitting since Brooklyn plays such a key part of the song. The lyrics say, “Guess I’ll never see my heart here again / Cuz I left it with you back there in Brooklyn.” The production is very smooth and paints itself nicely around the vocals. It has this somber yet romantic feeling with the groove of the guitars and the falsettos in the vocals.

Alongside its February 2nd release, Fellow promoted the song by captioning one of his posts with, “send this song to your manipulative toxic ex on Valentine’s Day so they know how much they hurt you.” This really drives home the pain and sadness that echoes throughout this song, with the singer feeling so lost without the person he loved and thought loved him.

Overall, “All It Was,” has a strong storyline and beautiful production. The vision was clear on this song and Fellow’s inclusion of Giorgi really shows how well the two of them work on this song. Be sure to listen to “All It Was” and the rest of the catalog Fellow has worked on!

Written by Katie Power





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