“Stay The Same” by WESSON

Like-minded souls with making music at their core, the four-piece band WESSON has released their acoustic EP “Stay The Same.” The collection of songs includes three stripped down songs from their project “All We Are,” as well as a brand-new song, “Stay The Same.” Chris Wesson is the leader of the British Alt Rock Band, making music alongside bassist Callum, guitarist Jimmy, and drummer Dale.

There is something magical about an acoustic version of a song and how it strips back all the fancy production and allows the songwriting to shine. That is exactly what happens with all the songs on this EP. “Second Chances” spotlights these beautiful harmonies and sends a message about how we should not be wishing away time we won’t get back. “My Self” production wise has this flowing chorus that just makes you move. “Will they ever find themselves? / or they will they end up like someone else? / Don’t know what to with my self,” Wesson sings. Lyrics like these are extremely comforting and sometimes songs don’t need to hold answers, they can just be moments in time.

The EP’s title track has a different bit of style then the other tracks, it leans into more of a Beatles’ approach. The vocals are conversational with subtle harmonies. The band shared they were more inspired by 60s rock when working on this track and it overall has a bluesy feeling to it.

Wesson shared, “This is the type of person who just complains and then looks externally for something or someone to lift their mood, rather than working on themselves and making positive changes. They are ungrateful, unable to see the good in life and they pray for change but things either get worse or just stay the same.”

This project is a excellent introduction to the band and just shows their diverse sound and ability to change up a song in a multitude of ways.

Written by Katie Power





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