“I deserve better” by Maddie Hanna

Launching the fourth release of her rising career, 23-year-old pop singer Maddie Hanna has her track “I deserve better” available everywhere now. The bedroom pop singer is authentic as they come with the single being produced in her bedroom with producer Nys. Alongside the single, Hanna announced her upcoming EP Fuchsia Dreams to be released later this month.

“I deserve better” tells a story of a heartbroken girl at the end of a relationship attempting to move on. The repetition of the title in the chorus allows her to say it multiple times until she believes it is true. The lyrics are extremely vulnerable, showing the singer would do anything to keep the lover in their life saying, “Was a sex object / Like one of your projects / Wanted to work on me so bad / And like origami i folded / For a bit held me down had me molded

When asked to describe her goals when it came to music, she shared, “My goal is to share my own experiences through music to help heal others, which is why I write lyrics that are personal, yet easy to relate to.”

The production builds around Hanna’s softer vocals and really wraps the listener up in this blanket of sound. Every listen allows you to find another cool element of the song.

Overall, Hanna’s vulnerability and emotion shine in her songwriting, and she proves she shines in a genre like this one. “I deserve better” is out now with her new EP releasing very soon!

Written by Katie Power





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