“Day One” by Gabriele Guma

A husband-and-wife duet about genuine love, Gabriele Guma has released his highly anticipated single “Day One” featuring his wife Tiffany Tesfa Guma. Gabriele Guma is a Philly-based artist who is also a dancer, musician, educator, and songwriter. He prides himself that guitar for him is more of a second language than an instrument, and he uses it to tell unique stories from his perspective. During his career, he was already invited to sing the National Anthem at the Wells Fargo Center for the Philadelphia 76ers.

The track kicks off with soulful electric guitars and captivating vocals. The vocals have a layer of reverb that is almost mimicking a choir singing about this true love that has been found. The violins cascade down the melody and add this increasing romance and larger than life feeling. The song has a magic ability to pace itself in way that it gets bigger and grander with every measure. Whether or not you knew Tiffany Tesfa and Gabriele were married, they have a clear connection and passion in their duet, with a beautiful blending of their voices.

The electric guitar solo has a nice deal of grit that breaks up the heavenly softness of the song and adds an impressive and surprisingly needed element of edge. Guma shares his passion for guitar, and it is very cool to see how he showcases it in his music.

This song is a grand romantic gesture that really does capture those feeling of finding that rare “love at first sight” feeling. Go give “Day one” a listen and check out Guma’s music!

Written by Katie Power





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