“Winner” by Slay Mayas

With an impressive vocal range and music oozing with confidence, “Winner” by Slay Mayas is a 2020 release worth highlighting. It is the final track off the Philly-based artist’s 8 song EP EXPOSE. She has a growing catalog of music, with her first album being released in October of 2015. During the span of Slay Mayas music career she has already performed at the 2022 BET Awards and was a cast member on a season of the Surviving Philly reality show.

Lyrically, the track is full of positive affirmations with the main hook being “I’m a winner winner winner / I ain’t no quitter quitter quitter.” She sings about chasing her goals and has such emotion and power in her voice. The overall story of her rise is inspiring and is showcasing how she is able to put up a fight while acknowledging everyone can win.

The track was produced by Don Beatz, and he does an excellent job of infusing some of Slay Mayas influences such as Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, and Bruno Mars. The track also feels like more of an R&B version of motivational anthems like Katy Perry’s “Roar” or Sara Bareilles’s “Brave.” The production is able to let Slay Mayas vocal be the star while building this upbeat world around her.

Overall, Slay Mayas proves she is a hardworking woman, putting over ten years in the industry and only showing a steady increase in her career. So, if you go check out “Winner” be sure to check out the whole EP and feel like a winner!

Written by Katie Power





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