“Particles” by Daniel Dor

Inspired by two major periods from his life, Daniel Dor has released his new single “Particles” out now. The two periods of life were Dor’s service in the Military and his time spent living abroad in Los Angeles and Costa Rica. He has been inspired heavily by Bob Dylan, even being named “The Israeli Bob Dylan” by local music critics.

The song has an indie folk feeling and really looking into self-image as you become someone you feel is unrecognizable. It is relatable as anyone goes through big changes in their life, especially Dor with going from serving in the military to living far away from his loved ones. “That’s why you’re doing this,” echoes in the song. A quiet reminder of the reason why you make the sacrifices you make, what you are living for. It is thoughtful and powerful all in a few words, the song giving a larger-than-self feeling in the lyrics alone.

The production is small, and lets the big ideas take the center stage. The softer vocals and mirroring production feel like a song Phoebe Bridgers might sing, with a little more blues in it. The Bob Dylan comparison makes sense as Dor really lets his stories shine and has such high-quality production. Instrumentation does not have to be complex and loud to be appreciated, and that is exactly what Dor accomplishes in this song.

Overall, it is a unique story that Dor is able to tell so personally yet so universally: something not all songwriters can do. So go check out Daniel Dor’s amazing single “Particles” out now!

Written by Katie Power





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