“Wait” by Annie Anna

With a master’s in engineering and love of songwriting, Annie Anna has released her latest single “Wait” available now. Anna shared that she grew up in music with her parents both being musicians. She went from lugging around her keyboard case to playing music on a local talk show all the way to opening for AJR on her college campus. She has done all this while also balancing an engineering career.

“Wait” is a track that Anna wrote about two of her friends getting married. She captures that feeling of falling in love and tearing down walls. Story wise, it is Anna’s own version of Taylor Swift’s “You Are In Love.” The Arizona based singer takes influence from more folk artists like Noah Kahan and Hozier and that is excellently showcased in this song. Her soft vocals and picking of the acoustic guitar give this sweet, romantic singer-songwriter feeling throughout.

The lyrics immediately paint a beautiful scene, “Meet me / Under the cover of night when / the hours are slow / When the nights are cold / Winter winds will hallow these halls / Tear down our walls / Together, we’ll fall.”

The song is vulnerable through and through, showing a personal and soft side of Anna with lyrics so raw and real. The track was even recorded in her home, giving it an even more intimate feeling. The single was produced by longtime collaborator Riley Corbin – who she has been releasing music with since her first single “Diamond in the Rough” in 2018.

Overall, the romantic track is absolutely perfect for a wedding and spotlights Anna’s lyric and melody writing and how skilled she is in her craft.

Written by Katie Power





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