“Same Old World” by On The Rocks

American Rock band On The Rocks has released their single “Same Old World” available now. The track follows the success of their debut single “Tragic Romance,” which amassed over 18,000 streams on Spotify alone. The four piece band met at work and bonded over similar influences in rock music. The southern Michigan group is made up of Ryan Miller (Vocals/guitar), Aren Winebrenner (Bassist), Steve Skiba (drummer), and Josh Logan (Keyboardist.) 

The band prides itself on its ability to be both modern and classic. Their sound fuses a fun blend of rock and blues. The vocalist on this song, Josh Logan, has a nice grit to his voice and radiates the emotion of a true blues singer. The passion that comes from the quartet certainly sets them apart from the rest. Logan sings, “so you got what you wanted / but you lost what you had. / One more narcissistic word while I pack up my bag. / You say you’ll always love me / but I won’t say it back / because I can’t miss something I never really had.” The storytelling in the track is engaging and really showcases the lyricism that the group is capable of.

The instrumentation blend gives every part of the four piece a chance to shine. Logan’s keyboards kick off the track and drive throughout. Skiba’s drumming is exciting and has an extra bit of flair. Winebrenner’s bass keeps the band in line and Miller truly shreds the guitar in an epic guitar solo. It really amps the track up right at the end.

Written by Katie Power





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