“What You Need To Know” by Shane Rennison

Singer-songwriter Shane Rennison’s new single, “What You Need To Know,” is a catchy, upbeat tune with heartfelt lyrics. The song feels very nostalgic, with an early 2000s vibe reminiscent of singers like Michael Bublé. It is more of an indie-pop track, with elements of soul and blues that make it stand out from a typical pop song. 

“What You Need To Know” follows the success of Rennison’s most recent EP, “Nice To Meet You,” where he explores his emotions beautifully. “What You Need To Know” continues this path, with Rennison’s unfeigned lyrics. The track begins with an infectious melody and Rennison’s smooth-like-butter vocals. Julian Giaimo produced the track, and Rennison wrote the song on his acoustic guitar. 

The upbeat melody juxtaposes with the inspiration behind the track, which is about “…meeting someone who is self-absorbed and used to getting everything they want based on their looks. It’s about telling them what they need to know in order to grow emotionally and avoid the pitfalls of being self-absorbed long-term.” This juxtaposition is flawlessly executed; those self-absorbed people always seem happier than actually they are. 

“What You Need To Know” showcases Rennison’s distinct sound, guaranteed to get anyone’s head nodding. This soulful track is the first single released from Rennison’s upcoming album, ‘IRRATIONAL,’ set to release on June 28th, 2024.

Photo Credit: Brandon Worden

Written by Melissa Cusano


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