“Places I Caught Myself Thinking” by Clamber

Already taking the UK by storm, indie pop group Clamber has their infectious new EP “Places I Caught Myself Thinking.” As the Spotlight Artist on BBC Introducing Essex, they had three tracks from this EP featured on the show as well as featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK. The overall themes of the project are songwriter of the group Kieran Daly’s navigation of his 20s – whether it’s his love life or just his day-to-day realizations.

The EP starts off with a bang with their debut single “Italy.” It is the song that already saw a lot of traction and gained the attention of many media outlets. The single has a conversational quick pace, giving so many details that paint this bigger picture.

“and this is something where the turning point started/ plans have been charted / mind’s in the cockpit / wait,” he sings and he highlights this escapism feeling – he doesn’t want to wait he just wants to run away to Italy.

It then rolls into “Tooting Tango” and the sort of attitude and sound is similar to The 1975’s sound. The way the vocals blend into the instrumentals like they are part of it, it gives it this extra romantic feeling. The enjambment catches the listener off guard, but it is extremely welcomed. The post chorus has more of a confessional feeling, Daly literally just speaking into the microphone. “I’ve rehearsed this over and over in my head,” he says before rolling into the second verse.

There is an alternate version of only this track, and it highlights more of the haunting anxieties instead of the mindless romance of the original version. It is impressive to see how drastic the song can be taken in multiple directions, and they were both worth highlighting on this project.

Overall, the project is infectious and shows that Clamber has a direction and strong branding for themselves. It will be exciting to see where their artistry takes them next.

Written by Katie Power





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