“While The World Burns- Repainted” by Svavar Knútur (feat. Helene Bøksle)

Icelandic Troubadour Svavar Knútur’s new song “While The World Burns – Repainted,” in collaboration with Norwegian Singer Helene Bøksle, is a masterful, somber, apocalyptic love song. The music is melancholic and beautiful, while Bøksle and Knútur’s angelic vocals take the song to the next level. 

“While The World Burns” begins with a solemn instrumental of soft-strumming guitars. Knútur’s vocals arrive, with the first lyrics being, “Some people say the end is near; some say it’s already here.” In his quiet, subdued vocals, Knútur’s lyrics describe not fearing the end as much as long as he has the one he loves in his arms. 

The song is a beautiful testament to how love can conquer all, even during something as literal life-altering as Doomsday. Helene Bøksle’s vocals arrive for the chorus, adding an ethereal feeling to the track. Together, the two create a flawless song about love, death, and everything in those final moments. 

The track features a simple yet powerful array of guitars, piano, and strings, which create a heavenly feeling. The juxtaposition of the beautiful instrumental with the lyrics about the world ending with the one you love most is a true demonstration of this devotion. 

“While The World Burns” is part of Svavar Knútur’s forthcoming album, “Ahoy!”. Take a listen now.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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