“Random Number” by Genevieve Sovereign

Melbourne-native artist Genevieve Sovereign is a truly rare breed of artist who refuses to fall into a single category or let others define their art. Blazing their own trail with their unique brand of experimental and avante-garde electronic music, every single from their studio accomplishes the task of standing out as a highlight in any playlist. Their newest single “Random Number” does nothing short of continuing this legacy as it proves itself as a futuristic and delightfully quirky romp amongst Sovereign’s catalog.

The piece wastes no time getting to the point as we are immediately thrown down a rabbit hole of an adrenaline rush that defines it. Sovereign’s vocals begin as soon as we hit “play” and quickly speed reads the opening line “Seven ate nine clouds we’re chasin’ for the sake of exploration. Three dimensions what I’m facin’, one-way streets by navigation.”

Throughout the song, the listener is never allowed to feel stagnant or unstimulated. Everchanging time signatures and tempos give the music a sense of mystery and wonder, all the while keeping us on our toes wondering what could possibly be around the corner. The music feels pioneering to its core and gives the feeling of being Jazz-inspired in its upbeat phantasmagorical spirit, much in the vein of electronically instrumental scat.

The two-minute track ends as abruptly as it begins. The fast-paced fandom stops almost on a dime before the artist lets out a loud “ok then” to end the number. With a lot to take in over a short period, the single is truly enticing and demands a second listen to truly absorb all that the song has to offer.

Written by Nick Gumas





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