“Grown” by Seaker

Broadcasting to the world from the North of London, self-produced artist Seaker is no stranger to the airwaves. Having willed herself into the limelight, she has spent the past decade filling her discography with music that comes straight from her heart, however, arguably none of them are as personal as her newest release “Grown.” In this single, she reflects on her life to this point and her path to self-discovery as an adult navigating her path to distinguish her identity from the image she feels the world would rather see.

The piece begins with an acoustic guitar riff that soothes the senses and anchors the melody. The artist’s introductory vocal harmonies appear soon after, layered upon one another and entering with the fervor and comfort of a modern gospel chorus. From the inception, the tone feels empowering in its musicality.

The artist creates the world of her narrative straight from the first line “As the light she falls, and darkness calls, over the land and sea. We are withering to the light we turn for who we’re meant to be.” Her candid vulnerability plays with remarkable humanity. While she remains open about life’s uncertainty, she never loses her sense of value.

Through the single, we feel almost as if we are coming into our own alongside the artist, as she finds a way to vocalize universal plights of the human condition. Inspiring to its core, it is impossible to not want to shout back with support as she repeats the lyrics “Tell me I’m strong, tell me I’m home.”

Written by Nick Gumas





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