“Autumn’s Eve” by Emerald Bluffs

From the well-traveled mind of Singer-songwriter Isaac Harris, his marquee project Emerald Bluffs has been gracefully telling stories through their music for the past year. A mix of optimistic and reflective in both tone and lyrical value, they strive to embody their perception of the human condition by way of a musical medium with elating results. Their newest release “Autumn’s Eve” adds to this legacy as they speak to changes in their own lives as well as the world around them.

The song opens with a soothing and meditative introduction. A resonant xylophone overlays faint sounds of a slice-of-life interaction in the background ending in a soft “Alright, man” before a percussive beat changes the direction of the piece. Harris’ vocals kickstart the song and it takes on an uplifting indie rock tune with the opening lyrics “Springtime. T-Shirt love in the sunlight. Skin to skin in the sunshine.”

Narratively, the piece speaks truth to the evolution of love and highlights the metaphorical nature of the weather’s effects on our feelings. They tell the story of an evolving love for life throughout the year with lines such as “Heat of the Summer where there’s nowhere to hide” and “Love comes easily on this Autumn’s eve” and remind us all that few things will ever stay the way they are.

While change can be enough to instill fear of the uncertain in anyone, Emerald Bluffs’ music surely focuses on the positive elements of their time on this earth, poetically highlighted in their standout line “We don’t believe in Heaven, but there might be something here.”

Written by Nick Gumas





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