“These Old Jeans” by La Need Machine

Soft rock/Americana band La Need Machine’s new song, “These Old Jeans,” is a nostalgic track about growing up and acquiring wisdom while doing so. The “old jeans” in question may be a metaphor for a more significant meaning, as “jeans” could symbolize changing opinions as we age. Along with this more profound analogy, the song is catchy, uplifting, and fun to listen to.

“These Old Jeans” tells the story of a person gaining wisdom as they grow older. Lyrics such as “These old jeans have seen it all; Even things I can’t remember” and “I thought that I was right; It turns out I was wrong” highlight how we as humans are never finished evolving; we’re all everflowing souls trying to heal and learn from challenging experiences. As we get older and gain more wisdom, we also realize how much is left to learn. Realizing past opinions were wrong, and others could be right is challenging but essential. This brutal reality is complex, and it is crucial to have an overall happy life.

The nostalgia of “These Old Jeans” is overwhelming in the best way possible. The lyrics about remembering everything, whether it’s good or bad, draw listeners in. The song perfectly encapsulates “Everything happens for a reason.” The “old jeans” and the things we learn along the way lead us to our hopefully happy ending.

La Need Machine reigns from Seattle, Washington, where they have a loyal and growing fanbase. “These Old Jeans” is the second single the group has released with Worldsound/Virgin Music Group/Universal. Take a listen to “These Old Jeans” now, available on most major streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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