“When Angels Cry” by Kenyon Grey

Inspired by a tragic true story, Kenyon Grey released his country single “When Angels Cry,” available everywhere now. The track was inspired by Grey’s experience as a “Left Behind Parent,” which is when your children are abducted by your own partner. Grey’s wife took both young children within weeks of each other, leaving Grey helpless as he balanced parenting his children from a previous marriage, a music career, his job as a firefighter, and his work with a detective to track down his children. To sum it up, Grey receives a call that the hospital had found his children, and he immediately drops everything, including a record deal in Nashville, to rescue them. He knew it was a sign from God when his daughter told him years later that he saved them.

“When Angels Cry” is a touching country Christian song that captures a reality that many parents hope they never have to face. Musically, it has a very 90s rock/country feel, with heavy piano and harmonies echoing in the chorus. Grey has a timeless voice and a real emotion attached to this song – especially since he wrote it after experiencing what he did.

Knowing his story, he cleverly includes personal details singing, “you were stolen away like your footprints in the rain / when angels cry.” Grey shared that he always had faith in God during the whole ideal, and by that miracle he was reunited with his children.

The track is accompanied by a music video of Grey performing and scenes of the children looking lost. The music video has a dedication message at the end reading, “To My Kiddos.”

Grey’s “When Angels Cry” is an important song that sheds light on an uncomfortable and scary topic. He wanted to make sure “Left Behind” Parents know they are not alone by sharing this link: The Committee for Missing Children, Inc. (findthekids.org)





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