“Be Alone” by Madeline Rhodes

Since bestowing her liberating rebellious ditty “Free the Nip” (2018) on the world, rising pop sensation MuMu has shed the moniker and published new songs under her real name, Madeline Rhodes. “Be Alone” is her most recent piece and witnesses the singer-songwriter peeling back the covers on the harsh realities of mental illness.

But it doesn’t take the self-growth and resilience approach. Instead, Rhodes gives her audience a front-row seat into the eye of the storm, showing others that they aren’t alone. Her lyrics perfectly capture the dark avenues of depression and the complexities of poor mental health.

“I’m so done with this brain / She’s always telling me the same / ‘You’re not enough. You’re not allowed / So, finish up and quiet down / If you were worth your dreams, you’d be awake by now / Am I running out of time / Or am I just about to hit my prime / I’m the most important piece of shit in the room.”

“Be Alone” was produced by London producer Brett Shaw, who has worked with Florence + the Machine and Foals. Using minimalist instrumentation in the song ensured it didn’t overshadow Rhodes’ evocative lyrics and swirling emotions in the track. However, Shaw excelled at creating an instrumental track that complemented her vocals and style while carrying the melancholy feel throughout “Be Alone.”

“Be Alone” is a testament to Rhode’s artistry and shows how well she approaches such heavy and dark themes of depression with grace and nuance. The single will leave a lasting impact on many of her listeners.

Rhode’s dropping new material under her real name shows that her intentions with her impending 2024 album, The Brothel, are to connect with her listeners on a personal level—”Be Alone” is the second single on the album, following “Bailing on Your Birthday.”

Written by Taylor Berry

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