“Hallways” by RafDolBac

RafDolBac is a new singer songwriter that you’ll want to remember. He brings such a fresh and creative take to the Pop world with his sharp vocal tone and range of production elements. “Hallways” is the first of many spectacular songs that will come from him.

“Hallways” is a production heavy masterpiece. By bringing in so many arrangements and beat work presentations, RafDolBac really brings this song to multiple new levels. Within one song, you’ll feel like you are listening to three. This kind of innovative productional quality is what makes this song so unique and is what sets this artist apart from other pop genre heavy artists.

You can tell that a lot of dedication and passion went into making this project. RafDolBac gives the audience a powerful performance not just vocally but also instrumentally. By adding such strength within the production, he also really helps elevate the lyrics into a place where they have a deeper meaning than if stripped down.  

The lyrical journey is strong within itself but takes on a new story through each version of “Hallways”. RafDolBac plays with a few other adaptations of this song, and each have a different feel but is just as powerful. He really showcases his multi talented strengths throughout the course of this song. You can feel it not only in his vocals but in his lyrics as well.

This song is the kind that will reinvent itself each time you listen.

Written by Tricia Patras



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