“To The River” by Dorsten

The enchanting new EP “To The River” by the talented brother-sister duo Dorsten is a captivating masterpiece. Fresh from their successful US tour, the release of this EP solidifies their exceptional musical prowess. Each track on “To The River” is a testament to their unique sound. From the powerful title track “To The River” to the soothing “Vernazza,” every song showcases the duo’s versatility and artistry.

A personal favorite on “To The River” is “Losing It,” a sultry song with an alternative pop feel, with a much more dark-toned vibe than other tracks on the EP. A couple of songs down is the track “My Sweetheart,” a pure country song featuring what might be a banjo and jangly guitars. “Chewing Gum” is a serene mix of country with a melancholic melody, being more of a genre-fusing track. Overall, the EP focuses heavily on Sophie’s beautiful vocals and the folky, guitar-heavy instrumental.

The artists behind Dorsten are brother-sister duo Sophie and Alex from Phoenix, Arizona. Alex produced “To The River” and recorded it in his home studio, as well as mixing and mastering the songs. WorldSound distributes the EP globally through Virgin Music Group.

Dorsten is already having a busy year with their US tour, and they are just getting started. They are also the supporting artists for musician Ambor on his sold-out European tour, which began April 10th. They will perform in Amsterdam and touch down in other venues in London, Germany, Austria, and France. Take a listen to “To The River” now, available on all major music streaming platforms. 

Photo credit: Julie Hoffman

Written by Melissa Cusano


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