“Merry Go Round” by Gillian Krystal

Gillian Krystal has a voice that her listeners will want more of. Her beautiful rawness becomes apparent within the first 10 seconds of the song. She showcases a poignant range that carries throughout the course of the song.

Gillian Krystal knows how to move vocally with the lyrics that she presents. You will feel the ebb and flow of her emotion with the words she sings. In this dramatic yet honest performance, she really does justice to the gravity of her storytelling. Her vocal arrangement is just one of the powerful aspects of this song that will keep you wanting more.

However, her vocals are not the only reason to give this song a listen. She presents “Merry Go Round”, as not only a song but a feeling. This song plays tribute to the childish nature of falling in love by using the metaphor of a Merry Go Round. I loved the way she used nostalgia to connect with this heartbreaking love tale. With honesty, she tells her story about grasping to save a love that just isn’t meant to be.  

The production really help this song succeed in its storytelling. The lyrical importance is the main focus and the soft instrumental arrangements really help wrap the words in a soft blanket of sound. This creates a cohesive and well rounded journey for the listeners, one not only easy on the ears but also the soul.

“Merry Go Round” is a song that will stick with you after it’s over.

Written by Tricia Patras

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