“Need It Most” by Matthew Read

Singer-songwriter Matthew Read’s new single, “Need It Most,” is a calming, lyrically-driven track that all music fans will enjoy. The melody is simple yet captivating, and the lyrics are profound and emotional. The bittersweet instrumental and Read’s dulcet vocals bring an overall soothing atmosphere to the track. “Need It Most,” in the grand scheme of things, is about someone close to Read who he wished would look after himself like they look after others.

“Need It Most” is the first single off Read’s upcoming EP, his most personal work of art yet. This single and EP look into Read’s most profound thoughts and emotions, serving as his diary. Highly traumatic events in Read’s life inspired the EP. While living in China with his girlfriend, Read was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and was treated during lockdown. While he was alone receiving treatment, he felt very isolated and like he couldn’t talk to people about his experience. “Need It Most” is his way of sharing his story and hope of helping others. 

From an artistic standpoint, the melody of “Need It Most” perfectly encapsulates the emotions that Read is trying to portray. The melancholy tune symbolizes the heaviness of helping others but not helping yourself. Feeling like the world’s weight is on your shoulders is scary, and “Need It Most” tells others it’s okay not to be OK. 

“Need It Most” features Jose Ibanez on guitar, Mark Rice on drums, and Read on guitar and, of course, vocals. Take a listen to “Need It Most,” which is available on most major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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