“Wherever You Go” by Teté

Blending influences from Brazil, England, and Mexico, Toronto-based singer Teté has released her new single “Wherever You Go,” available everywhere now. She has been making music since she was 12, taking her love of jazz, Latin, and R&B, and turning it into her own dreamy sound.

“Wherever You Go” is a song that is fully swept up in the early honeymoon phase of love. It is filled with romance, the acoustic guitar highlighting Teté’s Latin influence. The song captures the sweetness of a lover following her love wherever he goes. “you’ll take care of her / she will make you come wherever you go / you’ll take care of her / she will follow you wherever you go,” she sings in the chorus.

The production allows the vocals to take center stage, and really showcases that Teté can find that more modern pop feeling in her singer-songwriter sound. The guitars blend in with the subtle percussion throughout the track. It is a stripped sound which is just what the song is asking for.

When talking about what the song means to her, she shared, “Wherever You Go¨ celebrates the beauty and depth of a special relationship, capturing the essence of love and devotion.”

Overall, Teté has a unique sound, and her performances are full of whimsy. Her lyric writing shows that she values storytelling and has the ability to put a twist on this sort of love song. So be sure to go listen to “Wherever You Go” out now!

Written by Katie Power





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